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This site describes my many varied interests. I hope to keep it up to date with things that are going on in my life. For friends and family, I created the “Family” section. I'm also starting to attract some clients for web development and GIS consulting so I have a section for that. Music and Birding have been the things that take up my spare time since I can remember so I'll be building those sections up extensively.

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Moving to Drupal 5.1

I've been a bit cautious about the move (perhaps procrastination is the real un-motivator) ... but I finally upgraded my drupal sites to 5.1 since it has been made an official release. I installed it but wanted to run some test sites on it. I may wait a week or two to update the Barton High Alumni Association guestbook because Donna is holding a meeting of the Barton High School Alumni Association which she is involved with. She will be mentioning the website to members of the association and I'll want to be sure the guestbook (a drupal site) is functioning properly.

Backing up my blog (J.B.'s Blog) was slightly more difficult because I've made some very minor changes to the core drupal functionality and made some customized themes. As a result, its not completely done. I used to have little icons that were associated with each topic category. I have to re-write the function that did this because it doesn't work with the new version the way it was written. Hopefully it will be easy to fix.

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