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This site describes my many varied interests. I hope to keep it up to date with things that are going on in my life. For friends and family, I created the “Family” section. I'm also starting to attract some clients for web development and GIS consulting so I have a section for that. Music and Birding have been the things that take up my spare time since I can remember so I'll be building those sections up extensively.

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I successfully installed drupal in my web hosting space and I'm starting to post to it. I'm keeping my old blog but I'm going to limit my posts to GIS, computers, and programming. I changed the name of the old blog to “For Many Intents & Purposes” and my new blog will adopt the name “For All Intents & Purposes”. I'm learning a lot about Drupal as a result of installing it, installing new modules and themes, and attempting to modify themes. I also made some changes to the menu on these pages. I added links to the new Western MD Birding site and to my blogs. The birding stuff isn't finished yet but its getting closer.

Hey one cool thing on the new blog site is the RSS feed that I made a couple of weeks ago. I have what is called the “News Aggregator” showing the list of updates to all my webpages.

Coming Soon. At Donna's request, I'll be working on a page for the Barton Alumni Association. I'll post details when some content starts to materialize.

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