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This business is very new though I am not new to Web Development. I'm working with a few select clients. Here are some of the things I do to stay on the cutting edge of the technology. I check out a number of Web Development websites regularly and listen to Paul Boag's Web Development podcast.

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Web Development

If you need some help creating a web page, please contact me directly. We can discuss your needs and I will work for cheap because I love to create web pages. I'm learning as I go. All my pages will be 100 percent XHTML 1.0 Transitional and will make extensive use of CSS for state of the art web functionality. I'll test your pages in all the common browsers including MSIE 6, 7+, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

If you need a place for your website, I can potentially work with you on hosting. I have purchased server space and will consider sharing some of it with you even if you want to do your own development. E-mail me for more specific information or use my contact form

I've installed Drupal and I'm fully set up to do create Drupal sites. Check out my blog which is created using Drupal and a slight modification of the default Drupal theme that I wrote called “PuRupal”. See also the Allegany and Garrett Bird Club Website (http://acbc.al.umces.edu/).

Web pages that suck ! I'm obsessed with them. How can you say that you recognize quality if you don't recognize the lack of it. Check out my blog post on the topic.

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