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I have been consistently working with GIS since 1997 when I did a habitat analysis of Northern Saw-whet Owls for my Master's Thesis at WVU. While finishing graduate school, I worked at the Natural Resource Analysis Center at WVU. After I graduated, I continuted to work at NRAC until January 2005 when I began work at my current job at the Appalachian Laboratory. logo

GIS News

I've finished conducting workshops for teachers for the summer season. We conduct two workshops ... the MAMMS 2007 workshop and the iGIS 2007 program.

GIS Work

I have a full time job but I might be interested in taking on some small projects in the coming months. I have over 2 years experience creating tools using ArcObjects and Visual Basic and over 10 years of GIS experience building and managing Geographic Information Systems. I can provide guidance and help build the foundation of your GIS system to help you get your business started using GIS.